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ViralTrend Review – Earn Using Your Social Media Accounts

ViralTrend Website

ViralTrend.Org Website

Are you an average Nigerian that is looking for how to make money online using your phone or computer? ViralTrend can help you achieve that.

What is ViralTrend?

ViralTrend is a platform where advertisers can create ads or social media tasks like Likes, Video views, Follows, on all the social media platforms. Advertisers pay for the tasks they have created and registered promoters carry out tasks and get paid 90% of what the advertisers pay per task. They also have a referral system which can help promoters to earn more.

You can join ViralTrend as a promoter either as Basic member or as a Premium member. To join as a basic member, you have to pay ₦500. To join as a premium member, you have to pay ₦2500. You can also start as a basic member then upgrade to premium later on.

The difference between the two membership plans is:

As A Basic Member:

You join by paying ₦500 and get a referral commission of 30% for your direct referrals and 5% commission for people that registered using the referral link of those that you referred.

As A Premium Member:

You join by paying ₦2500 and get a referral commission of 50% for your direct referrals and 10% commission for people that registered using the referral link of those that you referred. Also, you get a grant system that grows faster than the basic membership. On completion of registration, you get back registration fee into your “grant account” as minimum balance which is not withdraw-able but processes the growth of grant balance in real time.

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How To Earn Using ViralTrend

  1. Firstly, You have to register as Promoter and confirm your email.
  2. After you finish the registration process and email confirmation, you can choose whether you want to join as Basic or Premium member and then proceed to paying ₦500 for Basic and ₦2500 for Premium.
  3. Immediately after paying using your card, you will start seeing tasks you can perform to earn more. (Use Google Chrome for best results and accurate processing of earnings).
  4. To earn more, you can share your referral link so that others can register with it and you gain a percentage of what they pay.


  • Payments On Request.
  • 2500 Minimum Payment Threshold.
  • Multiple tasks to perform daily.
  • Good for everyone.

How Much Can You Earn Per Task

  • Instagram: Follow – ₦10, Like – ₦3, Watching Video: ₦3, Comment – ₦3.
  • Facebook: Liking a Page – ₦4, Liking a Post – ₦3, Comment – ₦3.
  • Twitter: Follow – ₦5, Retweet – ₦3, Comment – ₦3.
  • YouTube: Subscribing To a Channel – ₦5, Watching a Video – ₦5.


  • Network Type: Social Media Tasks.
  • Minimum Payout:  No Minimum Threshold.
  • Payment Frequency: On Request.
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer.
  • Referral Program: Yes
  • Website URL:

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