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Top popular USB Accessories on JIJI.NG


Top popular USB-accessories

Lately, different USB gadgets have become very popular among computer users. Useful, funny, original – they brighten up everyday life of a person, who spends a lot of time using computer. We offer to your attention a review of five very interesting USB gadgets.


USB humidifier

Now there is a USB version of humidifiers. They are of small size and volume (you can pour no more than one glass of water there), and are designed to freshen the air around workplace with a computer. USB humidifier may also include an ionizer. Also, it can have a rather original form, for example, in the form of a robot R2-D2 from the cult “Star Wars” movie.



USB fridge

This is just another hit of the summer season. Of course, you won’t be able to freeze products in there, but you can cool there your favorite drink! This USB gadget is particularly relevant when it comes to working with a computer (laptop) outdoors. No need to break away from work and look for a nearby store where you could buy a cool drink. Just open the USB fridge and a bottle with a refreshing liquid is in your hands!


USB ashtray

This is an irreplaceable thing for those who like to smoke while working. What is the difference between this gadget and an ordinary ashtray? The whole secret is that there is a special fan inside. When you close the ashtray, it intakes air with smoke and blows it through a special filter, purifying it from the smoke. Smoking cigarette butts are no longer harmful for you, or your non-smoking family members (or employees).

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USB Cup warmer

This is one of the most common and useful gadgets. Indeed, when surfing on the Internet you can easily forget about your tea. And when you remember that – the drink has already cooled down. For such cases they invented the USB cup warmer. Now there are several types of such USB gadgets – from the most basic ones to the heaters with a clock and temperature indicator.

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USB fan

USB-fan is particularly relevant during a hot season. For example, you sit in a stuffy room of your apartment, you are sweating and creating a new website. Just connect a USB fan to your laptop and be sure your life will become more comfortable!


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