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Google AdSense is Not The End of Online Monetization : Some Alternatives


Are you tired of getting your application disapproved on AdSense? Or were you banned from AdSense? There’s more to online monetization than just using Google AdSense. So don’t get discouraged just because you don’t have an AdSense account. I have been using these alternatives to earn even before I got an Adsense account. Here are some AdSense alternatives:

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is the best AdSense alternative I’ve come across these days. They pay well and their minimum payout is just $20 via Paypal or Payoneer. Though you can get paid through bank wire but your revenue must reach $500. Their pop under is the best ad type you can use to earn enjoying 100% CTR which determines your eCPM. You can get an eCPM up to $10 depending on the quality of your traffic. Don’t stay there looking. Quickly try Revenue Hits today.


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Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is also a network that pays with CPM. If you have a very high traffic you can use it to earn even more than you’ll earn with Google AdSense. They pay through PayPal, $100 via Payoneer and $500 via Bank Wire. Although their bank wire payment isn’t supported in all countries. The best sites to use Propeller Ads is a file sharing site. The best ad type to earn with is also pop under which you can enjoy up to $10 CPM.


Can you mention AdSense alternatives without including Bidvertiser? I don’t think so. I personally like Bidvertiser. But my main problem with them is that it kills android traffic. And the reason I said that is because Android users get redirected to download apps on Google play therefore killing most of the traffic. Users don’t like getting redirected without their consent. Bidvertiser pays well. They pay $20 via PayPal, $100 via Western Union and $500 via Bank Wire. You’ll enjoy it if most of your users come via PC.


With the above, you don’t have to mourn if you get disapproved on AdSense. It is not the end of monetization, it is just the best. So choose from the above and continue living your life.

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