Skype Ending Support For Older Smartphone OS versions


The latest update on Skype’s website shows that by October, it will stop supporting some old smartphone operating systems.

The soon to be ditched operating systems are as follows

  • iOS below iOS 8
  • Android 4.0.2 and older
  • Windows 8.1 and older

This comes as a result of recent updates in the Skype app that can not be supported by the above named OS versions.

However, there are some notes to to

  • To run the latest version of Skype for Android (Skype 6.2 and higher), you’ll need to have Android OS version 4.0.3 or above. If you’re running Android OS 2.3 and above, you can run Skype 4 for Android.
  • The latest version of Skype works on all iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher. If you’re running an older version of iOS, you won’t have access to Skype’s latest features but will still be able to use the basics to keep you connected to your friends and family on Skype.

To continue using Skype, it is recommended that you upgrade to a version that supports it or change your device for those that can not be upgraded.

You also try using the web app to see if it will work for you.

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