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How To Save Videos & Photos From WhatsApp Status On Android

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger

Since the introduction of the Snapchat-like feature on WhatsApp which they called status, there have been various ways to save videos or photos that you wish to save. Below are some ways to save what you want to save which works on Android.

To Save Photos

The easiest way to save photos is to just take a screenshot. Taking screenshots on android depends on the type of phone you’re using. The most common way is pressing the volume down key and power button together. For some phones, you have to press the home key and power button together.

To Save Videos

There are 3 ways to save videos from WhatsApp status. Below are the ways:

  • Using WhatsApp Status Saver App.
  • Locating The Hidden .Statuses Folder on Your Phone.
  • Using GBWhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp Status Saver App

This is the easiest way of saving videos from WhatsApp status. It automatically locates the hidden .Statuses folder and group it’s contents into two tabs namely: Images & Videos. So you just have to choose the video you want and save it. Below are some screenshots from the Status Saver App. You can also download it from Google Playstore.

WhatsApp Status Saver Screenshot 1

WhatsApp Status Saver Screenshot 1

WhatsApp Status Saver Screenshot 2

WhatsApp Status Saver Screenshot 2

Locating The Hidden .Statuses Folder on Your Phone

After you open a friend’s status, the status video gets downloaded to .Statuses folder. By default, the .Statuses folder is hidden. All you have to do is to unhide the folder and copy the video or even image that you want to save to another folder. The folder is located in File Manager > Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses

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You have to SHOW HIDDEN FILES to be able to see the .Statuses folder.

Using GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a modded WhatsApp App with more features than the normal WhatsApp. You can download it on their site. When you’re using GBWhatsApp, it is much easier to save videos and images because you just have to enter the menu on top and you’ll see download. Below is a screenshot:

GBWhatsApp Status Download

GBWhatsApp Status Download


With any of the methods above, you can now save a video or image that you like from WhatsApp Status. I recommend the using the WhatsApp Status Saver because it is the easiest. You’ll surely fall in love with it. For any question or complaint, post it in the comment section below.

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