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How To Run Multiple Accounts On Android Using Parallel Space

Sometimes for one reason or more, you will like to run 2 WhatsApp, 2 Snapchat or 2 Facebook accounts on one android device. You may also like to run 2 of another application on your android device. Parallel Space comes to your rescue on this. Parallel Space clones your selected applications and lets you use two of a particular application on the same device.

Firstly, you will have to download and Parallel Space which you can get here

Steps On How To Use Parallel Space To Clone Applications

First open Parallel Space on your device. To add a new application to it, click on the icon which is circled red in the screenshot below.

Click On The Icon Circled Red

Click On The Icon Circled Red

After clicking on it, a list of applications installed on your phone will show. Select the applications you want to clone and click on Add To Parallel Space as shown below.

Click On Add To Parallel Space

Click On Add To Parallel Space

After adding, your apps will appear on the home screen of Parallel Space

Home Screen of Parallel Space

Home Screen of Parallel Space

As you can see for the screenshots, I added Instagram and Twitter. I have already added Snapchat, Dream League and Messenger from the beginning.

You can use this procedure to add more applications to Parallel Space. You can also switch between applications as shown in the screenshot below.


You can see I have 2 Snapchats. One named Snapchat and the other Snapchat(Parallel).


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