Professional WIFI Service For Events

Professional WIFI Service For Events

Professional WIFI Service For Events

A fixed Wifi usually comes from an Internet connection via DSL or fiber optic and is limited to only be able to use it in that place with the signal coverage that reaches the router or the existing access points (the wifi installation point), a Wi-Fi network for events (Internet for events) may need to be used in a place where there is no signal from the already installed network, in addition to removing and putting in a matter of minutes, the wifi rent is very useful when you do not have a robust network or there is no existence of it.More and more reliable connectivity is required for business and leisure events. We have several quality solutions to cover the needs of temporary WiFi for companies and events. In the wifi rental service for events, we put the latest technology to offer maximum guarantees that the event is a success.

Look for temporary 4g wifi internet. We manage the equipment and the necessary flow to meet the demand of users, in addition to linking the service with social networks. The product is clear, efficient and innovative and is based on the use of the signal emitted by the tradeshow internet antennas to distribute it to cell phones, tablets, laptops and any device with a Wi-Fi board. You can connect wifi enabled devices/gadgets like wireless printers & copiers, Laptops, smartphone (example iPhone, Samsung), MAC, PC, tablet and more. The router runs on 4G internet technology, just plug to a power source, switch on and connect to the WiFi (just the same way you connect to a hotspot). Simple to use, with NO I.T experience, no setup needed or configuration needed. We render the best temporary 4g wifi internet.

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Whether to hold work meetings with many computers connected to the Internet, to access telephony networks during a business trip through a mobile computer, or to have connectivity during an event, the Mobile WiFi 4G is positioned as the solution for being connected, always. Call and ask for a quote without obligation. Available solutions for temporary 4g wifi internet:

  • Portable WIFI without installation: We provide a professional 4G router that can service several devices. The speed of up to 150 Mb / s, depends on the 4G coverage at the place of the event.
  • No installation needed, just plug in the WiFi 4G router and a WiFi network is already available

Available services:

  • Professional 3G / 4G router rental
  • Creation of immediate WiFi network
  • Password and user access

WIFi through fiber or cable: When a higher bandwidth is needed, a temporary installation of fiber can be made to the place of the event. It depends on the availability of fiber by the operator in the place of the event. If you are interested in this wifi rental service for events, fill in our data request template and we will contact you immediately, with a budget adapted to your needs.

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