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ESX Emulator Review – A Fake PS3 Emulator

ESX Emulator

ESX Emulator

Update: January 2018

I checked the site again and it is now redirecting to a site where you have to complete a survey to download the Emulator in the first place.

Main Post:

I was searching for an emulator to play PS3 games on my PC. I searched google and the first site that show up was The design of the website made me think that they can not be fake. There are also some videos on the website that made me believe so.

I did not search for a review of the Emulator and I just decided to download it because I was 100% sure it was not fake. When trying to download the Emulator, I was redirected to a file hosting site to download it.
From there, I started having second thoughts but I just decided to go ahead and try it. The file was in ZIP format so I have to extract it before using it. I extracted the first file but discovered there’s another ZIP file. I tried extracting the second file but I was instructed to put a certain password. I discovered a text file and I thought maybe the password is in it. I opened it and saw a link that was directing me to visit another link to get the password. I visited the link and that was when I concluded the Emulator is fake.

In the link, I was instructed to complete a survey before I download the file containing the password. I tried completing the survey but I couldn’t. So please don’t fall for this scam because in doing so, you’re making the owners of the site rich and wasting your own time.
More evidences that ESX Emulator is fake from the links below:

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After this, I didn’t try another PS3 emulator so I don’t know if there is a working emulator for PC out there. If you know any working emulator, you can drop the information in the comments below so we can all try it out.

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Abdullahi Wada, popularly known as WadasKID is a backend developer and has had experience since 2011.


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