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CPZ Media – The Scam Adnetwork You Should Avoid – Review

CPZMedia's Main Site

CPZMedia’s Main Site

Before getting to the main article, I want anyone reading this to know that this is the first time I’m writing a scam report.

When I first saw mixed reviews (some good while others bad) about CPZMedia on AdsWiki, Technoamigos, LinkedIn and more blogs, I decided to give it a try. I submitted my application with a website with low traffic and low Alexa rank. The application was declined. Then I tried applying with a website with high traffic and high Alexa rank. It was approved. I just tried the adtags for some hours and I removed the codes. The following day, I checked out the statistics of the ads and it was pretty good ($0.17 for just 300×250 banner adtag). I still didn’t bother to use it again because of the mixed reviews.

On May 29th, I received an email from on Joshua Kushnir who is part of the CPZmedia team. Below is a screenshot of the first email he sent me.

Kushnir's First Email

Kushnir’s First Mail

After getting the mail, I decided to put back CPZMedia Adtags on my sites. The rates were always impressive. The CPM was never less than 0.15. I was earning 60-100 dollars a day with the high traffic I was sending.

As I have seen on their website that they pay on Net 45 basis (Meaning what you earn for example in May will be sent to you on 15th July. That’s 45 days after the end of May.) through Paypal, Check or Bank Wire Transfer, I asked Kushnir about their minimum payout for Bank Wire. He told me that it is $1000 and that I should increase the traffic I was sending.

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Afterwards, I told him I want to change the payment details in my account that was on Paypal to Bank Wire Transfer. He told me to send my bank details which I did.

At the end of June, I was having $1777 in my account. But by July 2nd, I got a notification in my CPZMedia panel that was in red saying

Note: You are not generating any Ad impressions on your registered domain “

Your traffic quality is too low.

Please increase your traffic quality and provide us the URLs where our Ads are placed.

I started wondering. I was sending 200,000-500,000 impressions everyday for the last 30 days which exceeds their 50,000 impressions requirement but why will they say that my traffic quality is low? Also, in their panel, they stated that a publisher can use the ad codes on other sites too. Below is the proof from their panel.

allsitesAfter seeing the alert in the panel, I mailed Kushnir about it. Here is the answer I got.


I sent him the other sites I was running the ads on. After some few days, I removed the codes from all my domains.

As their payment is based on Net 45, I had to wait till August 15th before expecting my $1777 payment to be sent. On 19th August, I still haven’t gotten any payment notification. I decided to mail them but there was no reply.  On September 2nd, I still mailed them but no reply. I also contacted them on Skype but all in vain. I decided to check my CPZMedia account but it was telling me that my details were wrong. I tried retrieving password but the system was telling me that my email isn’t registered with them (They have deleted my account).

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I wrote this report so as to reduce the number of people that will fall for their scam. I’ve used a couple of adnetworks and I’ve gotten paid. I’ll be reviewing some of them on this blog. But for now, If you don’t want to use free banners on your site, then STAY AWAY FROM CPZMEDIA. 

About the author

Abdullahi Wada

Abdullahi Wada, popularly known as WadasKID is a backend developer and has had experience since 2011.


  • totally agree cpzmedia is a scam / fake involved in fraudulent practice. never paid a single penny. attract publisher by showing good cpm but you never get money. please never never use cpzmedia

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