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360ads Review – Ad Network Where Limit Is Just a Name

360ads - Your Supply Side Ad Network

360ads – Your Supply Side Ad Network

When I listed Google Adsense Alternatives, I haven’t started using 360ads at the time. Also in the topic about CPZMedia, I promised to write reviews on some good and paying ad networks. 360ads is the first one I’ll review. Here we go:

What is 360ads

It is a CPM based ad network that deals mainly with pop under ads (Although they have some banners on request but the pop under give the highest revenue). It is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) based network.

It’s Operation

As mentioned above, it is mainly a pop under network. The pop under is only triggered on click and it opens in a new tab which doesn’t distract the users on your website unless they want to check the tab out.

Their Panel

The 360ads panel has a very clean design which is easy to navigate. In the panel, you can see your stats, submit your website for approval, get your ad codes, set payment option, contact support e.t.c. The panel is as shown below:



According to their FAQ page, 360ads payment are sent on Net-15 basis (Meaning your February earnings will be paid on 15th of March) provided you rich their minimum payout. The minimum payout depends on the payment method you choose. For PayPal, it is $10 while for Bank Wire it is $250. I have received payment before the 15th.

Why Use 360ads?

I’m recommending 360ads to each and every publisher with decent traffic for the following reasons:

  • High CPM rates which ranges from $0.8 – 3 or even more.
  • Fast payments
  • Their support is the best I’ve come across for an ad network. You can chat with your personal account manager on Skype and they always respond. Always solving any problem you are having.
  • Fast approval.
  • Clean ads.
  Wapka FileList Preview Code

Below is a screenshot of statistics for 10 days from last month (September 2015).



I hope after reading this you’ll try out 360ads. You will enjoy using it especially if you use pop unders. Any contribution? You can post it in the comment box below.

You can join 360ads through here


  • Network Type: Pop
  • Ad Formats: Pop Under Ads
  • Minimum Payout: $10 (PayPal), $250 (Wire)
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
  • Referral Program: No
  • Email:
  • Website URL:

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